They say “Art imitates life” well, I say life imitates Art.

Ever since my feet can carry me, I have taken an opportunity in every encounter and every experience in life and in acting. Perception, curiosity and an eagerness to discover are key elements that give me my capacity to adapt to changing and evolving environments. It gives me a poignant versatility.

Having grown up in a trilingual Genevois household, I broke out of the Swiss mold with my English, French and Spanish languages at hand. All of which have enriched my unique knowledge and skills of their cultures and mannerisms, and which I can apply in any social or professional situation. Equally, my scholarly education in various drama establishments across the UK have prepared me physically, vocally and mentally. Rising to the challenge of writing, thinking and acting at an advanced level in another language has also proved that I am at my best when challenges are in and stakes are high.

I like to greet everything I can with an open heart and an open mind so I can grow not only as a person but also as a performer so as to prepare myself to the maximum for what is a notoriously competitive and often difficult career.

Being a triple Gemini, or otherwise known as a bit of a perfectionist... I take my daily life moto very seriously: 

"Dive in, head first, take risks and have no regrets about taking a chance. Live every moment as if it may be my last." 

Which is why, I do everything I take on with nothing less than hard work, a broad mind and the willingness to the best I possibly can.